Part of AGCO Corporation’s Strategic Marketing Group, Glenn Farris is Director of Product Strategy, North America. He is based out of the AGCO’s corporate headquarters in Duluth, GA, USA.  Prior to joining AGCO, Mr. Farris spent over 25 years in project development as well as developing, advising and commercializing new technology in the biomass energy field. He was the project manager for the Vermont Gasification Project, a public-private partnership with the US Department of Energy, featuring biomass gasification technology. The project won a R&D 100 Award, signifying it as the most important development in the field of renewable energy worldwide in 1998. In 2008 he was named by European Institutional Investors Services as one of the 5 most influential people in renewable energy in North America. He has developed and been an advisor to developers on biomass projects throughout the United States and Caribbean Basin. Today, Glenn’s primary responsibility within AGCO is the recognition and development of corporate strategies for new trends in agriculture and the agricultural equipment business, using a skill set developed in commercializing new technologies and markets.