Strategic Biomass Quality Impact Analysis

The Strategic Biomass Quality Impact Analysis model quantifies biomass logistics costs based on user-entered distributions of moisture, carbohydrate and ash contents.  

Previous storage simulator work at INL quantified and modeled the relationship between initial moisture content (20 to 52 percent) of aerobically stored corn stover biomass and dry matter loss through time. The data from these experiments were used to build a deployable Microsoft Excel-based model that provides more realistic impact estimates than analyses dependent on simple averages. The model was constructed in Microsoft VBA and runs through a user-guided graphic interface.

A daily time-step modeling approach was used to estimate the impacts of biomass quality on feedstock and biofuel production costs based on inputs for biomass production and quality, moisture content, dry matter loss, refinery operations and economics. The model operates over a 365-day period and calculates the daily quantity of feedstock necessary to meet an annual fuel production goal.