Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility

NREL's Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility (IBRF) enables researchers and industry partners to develop, test, evaluate, and demonstrate processes and technologies for the production of bio-based products and fuels. The IBRF features:

  • Versatility in handling a wide range of biomass feedstocks and pretreatment processes
  • Ability to accommodate and incorporate equipment from partners or third-parties into end-to-end process integration and evaluation tests
  • High-quality process performance data generation supported by automated data acquisition and process control systems coupled with world-class chemical analysis
  • Expertise to integrate multiple technologies for pilot-scale testing and process validation
  • Experience developing intellectual property and helping industrial partners commercialize technologies.

Biochemical Conversion Pilot Plant

The IBRF's 27,000-ft2, high-bay Biochemical Conversion Pilot Plant accommodates bench-to-pilot-scale processes for converting cellulosic biomass into a variety of fuels and chemicals at process throughputs of up to one ton of dry biomass per day.