Bioenergy Feedstock Library

INL’s Bioenergy Feedstock Library is a biomass repository and research tool that contains information about the chemical, physical and conversion performance properties of more than 90 crop types and factions from across the United States. The library provides tools to store, record, track, retrieve, and analyze data to help researchers and industry overcome challenges posed by biomass variability. INL’s library team has curated 30,000+ physical biomass samples and data for an additional 50,000+ samples. 

The Library offers a range of fully characterized biomass samples to researchers and industry. These materials can be requested using our updated Biomass Request Page. Each sample comes with a reference sheet of extensive analytical data. 

The project portal, available to registered users, makes tracking and managing your own samples easier. This feature provides an overview of project sample information, analysis data, member access, documentation, citations and an interactive map. Registered users also have access to a suit of tools that allows for data comparisons between biomass samples and overviews of specific biomass characteristics for a given feedstock type.