Directed Funding Opportunity

“Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium (FCIC) Directed Funding Opportunity (DFO)”

December 20, 2017

NOTE: The DFO call is closed now and is no longer accepting applications.

The Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium (FCIC) has released a Directed Funding Opportunity (DFO) to provide industry partners with access to the FCIC resources network. The funding opportunity will facilitate focused research and development (R&D) to understand the root causes of feed handling failures and develop integratable technologies to increase the on-stream operational reliability of biorefineries.

FCIC is a network of eight national laboratories dedicated to identifying and overcoming technical uncertainty in research and development of robust biomass supply, preprocessing, and conversion technologies. The consortium is seeking applications in the following topic areas:

1. Biomass Quality Evaluation and Optimization
2. Biomass Preprocessing, Feed-Handling, and Conversion Process Integration
3. System Readiness Evaluation through Techno-Economic Analysis and Process Control Development

FCIC expects to issue up to 6 awards under this DFO, with project sizes between $500,000 and $2,000,000. Project durations will range from 12 to 22 months.

Applications must be submitted at the FCIC website and are due January 31, 2018 at 10 p.m. EST. All proposals must be written in English for submission and review. 

Questions regarding the submittal process can be directed to

Click here for more information about the DFO.

Important Links

  • FCIC Submission Guide
  • Application Template (For guidance only. Create an account under "Applicant Login" to download the application files.)
  • Summary Slide Template (For guidance only. Create an account under "Applicant Login" to download the application files.)
  • NDA Template (For guidance only. A fully executed NDA must be received prior to fully participating in the FCIC direct funding opportunity.)

Laboratory Core Capabilities

Core capabilities from multiple national laboratories were presented recently at the DOE BETO ADO workshop Dec.12-13, 2017. These are reference for collaborators to understand FCIC partner labs’ core capabilities when preparing for DFO applications, however, please notice that FCIC has a focused envelop as described in DFO announcement and all applications should be relevant to FCIC topic areas.

Click the links below for the presentations.