Process Integration

The FCIC Process Integration project addresses obstacles posed by feedstock variability on operational reliability of integrated biorefineries with a specific focus on the interface between feedstock supply and feedstock conversion. The project consists of five complementary tasks: 

1) Upstream/Preprocessing

2) Low-Temperature Conversion Process Integration

3) High-Temperature Conversion Process Integration

4) Fundamental Conversion Modeling

5) Validation Tests for Physical Performance Modeling

The first three tasks focus on preprocessing, low-temperature conversion and high-temperature conversion, respectively. Each of these tasks includes support of the FY18 operational reliability baselining activity and subtasks to investigate strategies to mitigate the negative effects of feedstock variability on operational reliability. The Upstream/Preprocessing Task includes work to understand the influence of (and mitigation strategies for) feedstock variability on upstream process equipment operation and wear mechanisms. The Low-Temperature and High-Temperature Process Development tasks have complementary subtasks to perform batch and continuous experiments to inform process development and improvement.

Supporting Capabilities and Facilities

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