Bill Crump has 29 years of engineering experience, including project management and technical review of oil, gas, chemicals, and renewable energy projects. His recent focus has been on the current developments of processes for renewable and synthetic fuels production, such as biomass gasification, biomass syngas to chemicals and biofuels, biodiesel production, fuel and chemical production from conversion and fermentation of starches and through biomass hydrolysis, high temperature conversion of biomass to oils, and algae-to-biofuels technologies. He also has considerable experience with oil and gas gathering and separation and gas treating and transportation.

Prior to joining Leidos, Mr. Crump gained experience as a supervising engineer with Parsons Engineering with responsibility for both design and field engineering. He oversaw and conducted process design, plant start-ups, inspections, and de-bottlenecking evaluations. His design portfolio includes gathering systems, oil and gas separation plants, gas dehydration, natural gas liquids recovery, enhanced oil recovery with water and gas injection, seawater treating, amine treating, sulfur recovery, refinery design, and chemical plant design.

Mr. Crump has authored a variety of bulletins discussing the technologies and economics of renewable fuels, oil sands, LNG, coal gasification, and shale oil technologies.  He presented at the 2012 Algal Biomass Organization conference on project execution; served as the lead reviewer for the United States Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Bioenergy Technologies (BETO) Project Peer reviews in 2013 and 2015, and the Algae Project Peer review in 2017; participated in a number of BETO project merit reviews; and presented in multiple webinars with the USDA on the evaluation of new technology projects.